WOODEN ELEPHANT presents a totally acoustic version of Björk’s Homogenic, reimagined for string quintet and a variety of miscellaneous objects. Those compelling electronic beats and synths have been replaced with all-acoustic, analogue instruments of wood, steel, and horse hair. Gone too is the hierarchy of singer/keys/drums, to be replaced by five equally-weighted instruments. Without the focus on Björk’s voice (as glorious as it is) the Elephants have created a version which blurs the lines between leading and backing voices, between melodic and rhythmic roles.

To aid with the transition from electronic to acoustic, we have utilised many small objects, instruments, and trinkets, including bird water whistles, a kazoo, tuning forks, Pacay bean shakers, plectrums, wine glasses, and aluminium kitchen foil.

So join us for our alternative, singular, 45-minute journey through Björk’s 1997 masterpiece Homogenic. Completely acoustic, completely other, but also completely faithful to the Icelandic pop princess.


Wooden Elephant's version of Björk’s Homogenic was premiered at PODIUM Festival, Esslingen, on 10th May 2017.